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Close but not even

I would’ve been happy if it got even slightly close. But it doesn’t. I made sure the height was adjusted accordingly, and it couldn’t even get close to something that was 10m away. Kept saying 1m. Never actually got a receipt of any sort so can’t get a refund. Please don’t waste your money.

Doesn't work

This app doesn't work don't waste your money...wish I looked at the reviews before I purchased

Nice try but no good

I would be cool with this app if it were close to giving an accurate distance... but its not even close ... i put my iphone 7 plus on a tripod, measured the height ... pointed the crosshairs at the base of the target at 1m ... 3m ... 10m ... 30m and 100 meters ... all of which were pre-measured to assure distance, as well as a flat surface item placed at each distance for targeting ... This app is good for the 3 meter distance but not even close on all others ... I wanted so bad for this to work, but IT DOES NOT WORK! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ... as a matter of fact, i would like to have my money refunded ... will dispute charge considering i didn't get what was advertised.


Object that is 25 yards away clocked in at 3 yards. LOL. Don’t waste your money. Addendum reply to app owner: Did everything you said. Adjusted height, aimed at the base and still not even close. Total waste of time and money.

Not even close

My feeder at 25 yards reads it's at 5 yards. Waste of ten bucks. Not even close to accurate.

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